Sunday, 12 June 2011

OCZ Vertex 3 240GB Solid State Drive

The OCZ Vertex 3 is the first solution to feature the SandForce SF-2200 SSD processor, and raises the bar in performance. The maximized speed significantly improves gaming, multimedia, and the overall computing experience over traditional mechanical hard drives, as well as other competing SSDs.


- Capacity: 240GB
- Controller: SandForce SF-2281
- Maximum Read: 550MB/sec
- Maximum Write: 525MB/sec
- Sustained Write: 525MB/sec
- Max I/O Per Second (IOPS): 60000 IOPS (4KB File)
- NAND Flash: Multi-Level Cell (MLC)
- Interface: SATA-III / 6Gbps (Backwards compatible with SATA-II / 3Gbps)
- TRIM Support (Requires Windows 7)
- Warranty: 3 Years

Hexus thought:

The Good
The fastest 2.5in SSD we've ever tested
Makes good use of the SATA 6Gbps interface
First SandForce SF-2281 drive to reach the market
The Bad
Fetches a hefty premium over Vertex 2
Struggles to match last-generation drives over SATA 3Gbps

Bit-Tech had this to say:

The Vertex 3 is the fastest 2.5in SSD we've seen, with sequential read and write speeds that are twice as fast as those of older Indilinx-based SSDs. While the biggest factor in SSD performance is still the ultra-low access times that all drives share, being able to move data at such speeds is still a great bonus. A system with a Vertex 3 will fly through storage-intensive tasks.

Nevertheless, the Vertex 3 offers unmatched performance. If you absolutely must have the fastest SSD in the room, the Vertex 3 is it.

 Tech Radar had this to say:

We liked
SandForce's SF-2000 range of controllers provide stunning sequential read /write performance and shows where the future of SSD's is to be heading.
After all if the combination of SandForce and OCZ can produce a drive in the shape of the Vertex 3 250GB that is almost twice as fast as the previous one in only one generation of the controller, who knows where we'll end up, one things for sure, the replacement for SATA 6Gb/s needs to devolved a lot faster than previous thought.
We Disliked
It's a bit pricey and although the headline performance figures make for amazing reading, is it worth the hundred pound or so premium over the previous generation Vertex 2?
Well, of course it is.
Final word
Quite simply the SSD that all others will be measured by...for now.

Scores + Aggregated

Tech Radar - 4.5/5 (90%)
Hexus - 4.5/5 (90%)
Bit-Tech - 80%

Total Score: 87%



  1. Seems to be highly rated, would have a look into it if i was after a new one

  2. I just had a post on my blog about hdd vs ssd! Great to see some real numbers/findings. thanks! followed.

  3. Great post, put a lot of effort into that :)

  4. i enjoyed it very much mmmm

  5. It accumulated almost 90%

    Looks good for the 240GB drive. Gonna remember this brand next time i need a SSD.

  6. nicely specc'd and paired system, HD could be always bigger

  7. I actually bought a SSD disk to pair with my 2 1Tb HDD and theyre pretty friggin phenomenal for games and the like